This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Long Reef:  13 October 2019
  1  Shanker  36 pts:  5 + 1 (LD)

2  Why Me?  34 pts:  2

3  Sticky  27 pts:  + 1 (LD)

Ashes:  Not enough Anzacs who stay one up

Chuckup:  sicky Sticky


Applies equally to Sunday’s winner after his return from Europe, and to this magnificent web site which was hijacked towards the end of last week such that no one could access it (more of which later).  Twenty points on the front set this one up but it was sinking a long put on the 17th that clinched it – Congratulations!!

Shanker set off in good form and reached the turn 3 up on Why Me? and then had to reckon with his opponents two pointer on six out of nine of the back nine whereas he only rated one two pointer.  It was nip and tuck until the 16th temporary par 3 where Why Me? managed to hit the green and take a par – a ¾ as the old slope rating still applied.  This put him two up with two to play but he was unable to close it due to a poor 17th compared with Shanker who was on the green for three and sank the putt for four points and a resumed lead of two.  All players wiped the last for differing reasons.  Yours truly was feeling confident after playing well last week, despite a jetlag cold, so nominated.  11 points on the front nine soon put paid to that.

The Long Reef upgrade is all but complete with only the 16th still playing as a temporary par 3 while the fairway turf establishes.  The course will be very much as it was except for a thumping great big lake in the centre of the course where the greenkeepers facilities used to be, and all the spoil therefrom dumped on the 15th and 16th fairways apart from a ridiculous looking unnatural hump between the 10th and 15th.  The objective must be water storage from the huge downpours that occur periodically and the only effect is felt on the 4th tee where you suddenly seem to be surrounded by water, or on driving on the 8th where if you go over the ditch on the left you are suddenly irrevocably lost in the water, apart from the mountainous terrain that now comprises the 15th and 16 fairways (clumsy).

So our goodly Mulligan was able to rescue the website at the cost of his weekend and has put in place strategies to reduce the chance of that happening again, at negligible cost (so far) to the Anvo purse.  He is a jolly decent sort and we should all be grateful!!  …Brilliant!!

Shanker handicap pulled back from 18, Why Me? drops a 37 and slips half a point to 26 and Sticky slips a fraction.