This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Bayview: 19 May 2019
1 Tank 34 pts: 10 + 2 (LD & =LD)

=2 Bears 31 pts: 5 + 5 (NTP & 2LDs &=LD)

=2 Chunker 31 pts: 5

3 Shanker 27 pts: 2

4 2LD 23 pts: + 4 (2NTPs)

5 Linda 22 pts:

6 Why Me? 21 pts

7 Sticky 21 pts:

Ashes: Anzacs win 86-79 to level 1-1

Chuckup: default Tank and Linda

EASY!! Tank plays off new, even lower GA and still makes it look easy from the blue tees, to now lead both competitions – Congratulations!! Have to be thankful he only plays every so often otherwise it could get very boring!!

Excellent conditions at Bayview – bright and sunny, firm underfoot with little wind to speak of, yielded some dire scores further down the field. No good reason – blame it on the competition tees which were a bit intimidating – particularly the 18th.

2LD and Linda escape the handicap pairing for the Ashes 3 v 3 to give the Anzacs their first win of the season and level the series at one all.

Apart from Tank GA alteration, other handicaps remain unchanged save for Shanker who slips a little.