This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Eastlakes:  28 Nov 2021

  1  The Donald  32 pts:  5 + 2 (NTP)

  2  Lorry  31 pts:  2 + 2 (2LDs)

=3  Shanker  30 pts:

=3  Kirk 30 pts:  Q

Ashes:  Not enough Lions who trail 2-10

Chuckup:  Not this week

CLOSE MATCH BUT …  Yes, you’ve guessed it.  Donald playing again.  Donald wins again and collects more points.  That’s four on the trot now – Congratulations!!

Threatening forecast did not materialise and instead it was coolish and a bit windy, but no rain so the pikers (Mulligan, James and yours truly) missed out.  First golf-playable day for a while.  Last weekend at the Coast was a complete washout with steady rain all day.

Welcome to Kirk who has played as a guest before but this time is classed as a qualifier.  Would just point out that Kirk plays off nine !! (eat your hearts out)

Donald and Shanker slip by virtue of dropping big scores.  Lorry also slips by adding an extra not very good score to his growing tally of matches.