This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Bayview: 18 February 2024

Golden Bollock One

Burglar & Mark bt Bears & Mulligan 2&0

Thief & Braveheart bt Vando & Brad 5&4

Chunker & Aussie Sam bt Moons & Daisy 2&1

2LD & Andy Capp bt Shanker and Sticky 2&1


The Anzacs came through on all three close matches, leaving the one drubbing by the Lions as the exception.  Can only really comment on the match I played which was characterised by the continuing very much improved standard from Andy Capp who appears to have turned the corner after over a one-year battle as a late life learner – Congratulations!!  The rest of fourth group were all in recovery mode and did not sparkle except for the odd shot.

Delayed arrival for Chunker meant it appeared as if Group 2 would comprise three players but a very late start (almost half an hour) meant Group 2 hit off in third slot with a full complement.  Very hot and sticky despite the haze overhead that got more threatening as the slow round wore on, but the rain held off and pleasure was had, particularly by the Anzacs!!

This first round was Ambrose so no handicap adjustments this week.  Next week is a normal Anvo round with teams of two, so NTPs, LDs and handicap adjustments will apply (and Chuckup nominations if you so wish).  The new Golden Bollock calendar slot towards the end of the season seems to work well, even if it meant waiting 18 months since the last one.  Thanks go to principal organiser Bears.