This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Long Reef:  13 Jun 2021

  1  Shanker  28 pts:  5

=2  Fronk  23 pts:  2 + 1 (LD)

=2  Sticky  23 pts:  2 + 1 (LD)

  3  Matthew  16 pts:  + 2 (NTP)

Ashes:  Lions win 51-39 & trail 2-4

Chuckup:  Not this week

UGLY!!  Perhaps it was the long weekend syndrome with the golf course unusually quiet but for whatever reason, this four ball struggled to play anything like acceptable golf.  The only one who managed to elevate himself to anything at all respectable was Shanker and for that – Congratulations!!

In fairness it was an early start and very cold and a wise call to opt out of the default Chuckup.  The first nine were played in still conditions as the warming sun rose higher in the clear blue sky but then the wind freshened and the back nine played into the teeth of a two/three club sou’wester.  Surprisingly this had no effect on the scoring with everyone matching front nine scores with back nine scores, non of which were flattering.

Welcome back Matthew from his nearly two years in the UK with some of the best clubs you could wish for but a very rusty game, which helped the Lions pull one back in the Ashes.

Matthew drops a 43 and slips three strokes.  Sticky and Fronk also drop better scores and slip.  Only Shanker’s handicap stays the same.