This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Mona Vale:  21st May 2023

  1  Shanker  28 pts:  5 + LD

  2  Meerkat  26 pts:  2

  3  Adam  19 pts:  NTP

  4  Vando  18 pts:  NTP

Chuckup – Not this week

Ashes – Not enough Lions

RACE TO THE BOTTOM!!  Reportedly notable for its general lack of golfing quality, Shanker gets a nose ahead of Meerkat to take his second win of the season – Congratulations!!

Good sunny winter golfing conditions, if a bit on the soft side.  Mixed up back nine hole order, as reported last time, will be with us for some months while the club house alterations continue.

Only poor scores dropped so no changes to the handicaps.