This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Wakehurst:  24 May 2020
  1  Rawhide  30 pts:  10

2  Moons  29 pts:  5 + 4 (2NTPs)

3  Shanker  28 pts:  2 + 2 (NTP in two))

4  Thief  25 pts:  + 2 (NTP)

5  Vando  24 pts:  + 1 (LD)

6  The Donald  21 pts:  + 1 (LD)

7  Bears  17 pts:  + 2 (2LDs)

8  Derro  9 pts:  DNF

Ashes:  Anzacs win 54-50, now three up

Chuckup:  Not this week

BACK WITH A BANG – First game of the season for Rawhide who now has a 100% win record – temporary I suspect – Congratulations!!

Moons puts in another creditable performance for second place and clear Championship lead.  Shanker was leading with four holes to go but a not untypical two points from the last four had him finish third.  What happened to Bears ???

Welcome back Steve Talbot in somewhat delicate condition with a neck injury that didn’t last 18 holes – promptly christened the Derro by Vando who reckoned he had been sleeping rough.

Cool, overcast, strengthening breeze to three clubs by the end (driver off the par three sixteenth!).

Heavily outnumbered Anzac pair take their third win on the trot from handicap matched Moons and the Donald.

Shanker drops a larger one and slips a bit – other handicaps stay the same.