This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Lynwood:  28 June 2020
  1  Daisy  32 pts:  10 + 8 (4LDs & 2NTPs)

2  Bears 26 pts:  5

3  Lesley 25 pts:  2

4  Gwyneth  24 pts:

5  Sally  23 pts:  + 2 (NTP)

6  Braveheart  12 pts:

=7  Shanker  DNF:

=7  Sticky  DNF:

Ashes:  Insufficient Anzacs, Lions are three down

Chuckup:  Default Daisy

DAISY POWER – After almost winning last week she is back to set the record straight with a clear win this week and an unbeatable four long drives together with two NTPs to show mastery of this difficult course where everyone else struggled.  In fairness, the ladies tees where anywhere from 50m to 80m further on from the gents, but you still had to hit a good drive and land it on the fairway.  Two maximums on the trot tops the Chuckup table – Congratulations!!

The weather was ideal with light wind and good sunshine to turn it into tee shirt golf and the round was unusual in that it started on the 10th – first time for yours truly on this course.

The round was also unusual in that both Brewers withdrew at the half way mark (only completing eight holes) for different reasons.  Pain in cocking the right wrist was the cause of Shanker’s retirement and I had the misfortune to stub my bad thumb getting out of an awkward lie in the wall above a bunker on the seventh hole we played and took advantage of my brother’s early demise to skip the ensuing pain for the remaining nine holes.

Bears slips to 15.6 dearth of dropping another good score – other handicaps stay the same.