This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Lynwood:  29 March 2020
  1  Shanker  38 pts:  10 + 3 (NTP & LD)

2  Tank  36 pts:  5 + 2 (2LDs)

3  Linda  33 pts:  2

4  Bears  32 pts:  +4 (2NTPs)

5  Sticky  31 pts:

6  Daisy  30 pts:  +3 (NTP & LD)

7  Lesley  29 pts:

8  Braveheart  27 pts:

Ashes:  Lions win 61-56 and retain the Ashes

Chuckup:  Default Tank

AAAAARGH!! – I know.  It’s horrible, isn’t it?  But that’s what he looks like in real life when he has had something unexpectedly good happen to him.  Yes!!  A solid round, and coped with the temporary greens better than most.  Proficiency with the Texas Wedge has never been in doubt.  Narrows the gap to our champion elect who is reportedly rather “up and down” at the moment so it could get interesting.  To our winner – Congratulations!!

Good to see the Shermans again, winning as usual (Francis’s did not do so well, and Harlows were middlin’ – a Yorkshire expression).  Tank has now played six matches and has six maximums in the Chuckup.  Obviously the only thing stopping him winning it is that there are only four more matches to go, and he should play all four, or at least three to do it, which we can feel fairly sure will not happen !!

A call to the pro shop on Friday to check the course was open elucidated the fact that the Clubhouse was closed but otherwise “golf as normal”.  This rather hid the fact that only six greens were in play (the rest being temporary) and no bunkers were in play (obviously not tended as grass was growing in from the edges).  All the water hazards were full due to the recent rain but the course in general is unkempt – all the efforts obviously going into re-grassing 12 greens (I can’t remember them being that bad that you would do 12 at once).  The halfway house drinks fountain was not working, and the handicap charts in the clubhouse dated from last year, which means they are completely wrong after the introduction of the world handicap system in January.  Not very impressive.

Shanker pulled – other handicaps the same.

STOP PRESS – GA closes all golf courses due to Covid.  Seems unlikely they will be opened in the next four weeks so this may have been the last match this season – we’ll have to wait and see.