This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Eastlake:  2 Aug 2020
   1  Bears 32 pts:  10

=2  The Donald  26 pts:  5 + 2 (2LDs)

=2  2LD  26 pts:  5 + 1 (LD)

3  Sticky  24 pts:  2

4  Shanker  23 pts:

5  Vando  22 pts:  + 1 (LD)

6  Derro  14 pts:

Ashes:  Lions win 49-48, now one down

Chuckup:  Not this week

REMORSELESS – Mr Consistent clocks up another win on his path to a record breaking Championship run. – Congratulations!!  I only wish it gave me pleasure to see this great player going so well.  But it doesn’t.

If you are wondering what happened to the Long Reef scores from last week, the match was pulled due to almost constant rain throughout last Sunday.

More great winter weather – loads of sun, course very soft from the 300mm of rain last weekend, and like Bayview showing the damage of having been played recently when it was really too wet.  Light wind, which is unusual for Eastlake, did not seem to help the rest of the field who clearly struggled on this difficult course.

Close Ashes with the Donald and Shanker beating the two Anzacs by one to almost neutralise the four match Anzac winning streak with a three match Lions winning streak.  Incidentally, the Derro does not qualify for the Ashes as a new rule says that you have to have played to your handicap before you are counted – designed to exclude those still learning the game and reduce the chance of a whole string of wins for one team based on one players scores.

Vando and Brewers slip by dropping better scores – other handicaps stay the same.