This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Macquarie Links:  20 Sep 2020
  1  Sticky  40 pts:  10

2  Robbie  38 pts:  5 + 6 (2NTPs & 2LDs)

3  Shanker  37 pts:  2

4  Bears  33 pts:  + 6 (2NTPs & 2LDs)

5  Septimus  26 pts:

Ashes:  Lions win 73-64 and go five up

Championship:  Bears lead huge

Chuckup:  Not this week (Daisy leads)

32 HANDICAP – At first glance, 40 points looks a fairly decent score, but digging deeper finds a handicap of 28 translating at Macquarie into 32 playing handicap and the blue tees and pins generously placed and not necessitating the bonus strokes.  Two strokes on every hole bar the par 3s seemed overly generous, but there again, you have to play absolute diabolical garbage for six months to earn such a handicap so a bit of reward helps by way of compensation – Congratulations to me!!

Weather conditions were diabolical in Sydney with pouring rain to greet the morning, but close inspection of the radar showed it was likely to be clearing about tee off time and so it proved driving out of the rain on the M5 at Liverpool.  That was the last we saw of it and the course had either not received much or drained really well as there was no standing water.  However, the big drainage channel (in the ravine to the 11th hole) was in full flood showing that there had been plenty around.  Not surprised to lose Frank, but more surprised to lose Donald and Moons, particularly as Donald is the local weather expert (excellent advice a few weeks ago for Bayview based on the Terry Hills local weather forecast), but come to think of it, he didn’t chance his arm then either so we’ll have to put him in the “if there is the slightest chance of rain, I’m out” category.

Welcome back Robbie for his first scoring outing and he took full advantage with 11 points from the day.  So the weight of the Ashes fell upon Septimus and Robbie’s broad shoulders but unfortunately ….

Brewers pulled, Septimus slips a bit and other two handicaps stay the same.