This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Bayview:  26 Mar 2023

  1  Meerkat  34 pts:  10

  2  Sticky  21 pts:  5 + 1 (LD)

  3  Andy Capp  30:  2 + 2 (NTP)

  4  Strong Sam  29:  + 2 (NTP)

  5  Bears  28:

  6  Thief  25:   + 3 (NTPin2 & LD)

=7  Adam  24:  + 2 (2LDs)

=7  Derro  24:

Ashes:  Not enough Anzacs – series all square

Chuckup:  Bears & Thief

STRUGGLE!!  Not really sure why but everyone seemed to struggle for one reason or another except for Meerkat and Andy, and it was the former who played the more consistently to take a well-deserved win – Congratulations !!

Again, the course conditions played their part as the going was soft with lush grass and little run-on, but everything was well in range of Adam who used a five iron to land the ball on the edge of the green on the short uphill par 4 11th – stunning!!

Both Chuckup leaders decided to use their final nominations and both failed to improve on their previous scores, with Bears still in poll position for the trophy.  However, the door is now slightly ajar for Mulligan or myself to put together two very good rounds under pressure (which seems unlikely) and pinch it.  Mulligan is 35 behind the leader and his two worst scores are 21 & 18 so he needs 35+21+18+1=75 points from his last two nominations to win.  My situation is slightly better as I am 31 off the lead and my two worst scores are 13 (Yes, 13 points at the Highlands) & 22 so I need 31+13+22+1=67 to win.  Mulligan needs some company next week at Long Reef, but if needs be can play on his own – dear departed Chucky set that precedent when everyone else let him down (rain) one weekend and was heard muttering “homo soft c*cks”.  Rock on Tommy!!

Bears slips a bit and Thief slips a bit more after dropping a larger score, other handicaps remain the same.