This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here Long Reef:  15 Nov 2020
   1  The Donald OTT  39 pts:  10 + 3 (NTP & LD)

2  Sticky  34 pts:  5 + 1 (LD)

3  Bears  33 pts:  2 + 2 (NTP)

4  Thief  32 pts:  + 1 (LD)

5  Shanker  31 pts:  + 2 (NTP)

6  Vando:  25 pts:  + 3 (NTP & LD)

7  Mulligan  24 pts:

8  Derro:  20 pts:

Ashes: Anzacs win 64-55 and pull back to 6 down

Chuckup:  Default all in

A FIRST!!  Having struggled manfully for some considerable time, as his namesake wains, our Donald’s steady improvement delivers the result that he has been threatening for the last few games (have you seen him spank the ball?).  Probably the first of many – Congratulations!!

With Derro still excluded from the Ashes until he plays to his handicap, handicap matching paired the two other Anzacs – Donald and Vando – with Shanker and Mulligan, and largely thanks to the great 39 point winning round, the Anzacs break the run of eleven straight losses with a comfortable win.  Does this mark a change in fortune ….?

Great weather – clear blue, still to start, with the wind freshening off the sea as the day wore on.  Course perfect – not too dry, not too wet, paucity of flies.  Difficult to beat Long Reef in these conditions.

The Donald gets pulled a bit – all other handicaps remain the same.

Now to the highlight of the year – Southern Highlands and the Tour Championship Cup, bring it on!!