This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Long Reef:  3rd September 2023

 1  Mulligan  40 pts:  5 +LD

  2  Bears  38 pts:  2

  3  Thief  35 pts:  LD

  4  Derro  26 pts:

Chuckup – All in

Ashes – Not enough Anzacs, Lions 2 up

MODESTY FORBIDS!!  As reported:-

Looked as if it might rain but turned out to be a perfect Long Reef golf day.

Fierce competition though Derro, having not played for 5 months, struggled with his long game and fell behind. After 9 the contenders were on 17, 18 & 19. In the back 9 Thief struggled and fell away and so it all came down to the last with Mulligan holding on to win after bitching and moaning how badly he played the whole way round!

Happy Mulligan – Congratulations!!

Not previously posted, the Bayview game on 13th Aug was won by Thief with 35 (5 points), Bears was 2nd with 33 (2 points + LD = 3 points) and Andy was 3rd with 27.  Reportedly:-

Three hardy souls set off on a lovely day BUT sadly behind the Pennants – C grade.

The first 9 wasn’t too bad but the matches in front of us went to the 18th and got slower and slower as the cattle stations for which they were putting got larger. Started to drizzle at one point midway through the back 9 but luckily held off!

Also, the Coast on 20th Aug was won by Vando with 36 (5 points), Bears 2nd with 35 (+NTP+LD= 6 points), Thief 3rd with 29 and The Donald 4th with 21.  Reportedly:-

Sadly, a very poor start for Clive – the tee time was running early and he was running late – joined us on the 2nd – just like having you with us Rick!

A stunning golf day – started in bright sunshine with a 1 club breeze ending with a 2-3 club breeze. Sadly behind the Pennants so a 5 hr plus round but VAndo played very steadily for his 36 with no wipes!

Lions won the Ashes.

Handicaps updated for the last three games and show a number of minor changes.