This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Wakehurst:  22 Jan 2023

  1  The Donald  39 pts:  10 + 1 (LD)

=2  Thief  29 pts:  5 + 8 (2NTPs, NTPin2 & 2LDs)

=2  Bears  29 pts:  5 + 1 (LD)

  3  Sticky  24 pts:  2

  4  Derro  17 pts:

  5  Andy  15 pts:

Ashes:  Not enough Anzacs, series tied

Chuckup:  Not this week

SOGGY DO!!  Absent for the last six weeks, he is back with a bang, netting 23 points on the front nine to set up the win in the dismal conditions – Congratulations !!

No wind, and the rain was never heavy, but is was steady from the third hole onwards and is still going as I sit and write this mid afternoon.  The weather may have had something to do with the rest of the scores, particularly Thief, who had 26 points after 12 holes and cleaned up a record 8 points in NTPs & LDs.  All nicely soaked through at the end, thank you very much.

The Donald gets pulled and the Thief drops a 40 and slips, other handicaps remain the same.