This week’s Winner(s). Yet more photos here

Long Reef:  10th Mar 2024

  1  Sticky  40 pts:  5

  2  Bears  33 pts:  2 + NTP & LD

  3  Thief  31 pts:  NTP & LD

Chuckup – All in

Ashes – No Anzacs, Lions 3 up

CHUCKUP CRUNCH!!  With the Championship already done and dusted and Bears best challenger for the Chuckup side lined with a damaged back, it was down to yours truly to try and dent the possibility of him winning everything this year – so there was a brave effort on the back 9 with 25 points (muted congratulations).  Coming from some distance back in this competition after a poor start, at least another one 40 pointer will be needed to challenge, but we can live in hope !!

Brilliant weather – couldn’t ask for a better day with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.  Expecting to play as a three ball we were joined by Zach to make up the four, whose start was a bit shaky (least said the better) but warmed up to play some promising stuff.  Hope to see you again!!

Sticky pulled, but drops a large one so not so much, other handicaps stay the same.

Apologies for the rather gruesome close-up – not my idea – although on second thoughts it might start a new trend!!