The Origins

ANVO dates back to 1991 when, soon after taking up the game, a group of friends got together to play a few social rounds of golf at Chatswood golf course. They included Mark van den Berg, Peter Opie, David Zubani and David Williams. Soon other friends decided to join them and the group expanded. As they wanted to play regularly, organisation was needed to arrange courses so Mark took on the task of organiser. The ANVO name was decided on because the common link between the original players. The name is an acronym which includes a person’s initials. (no names, no pack drill) Rules were drafted on the back of a beer coaster. They have subsequently all been forgotten except for rule number 4, which approximated to “no member is to date a former girlfriend of Mark.”

Oct 1993

The Spirit

The ANVO game has always been played with a certain style that meant skill wasn’t always determined by a good swing. Sometimes the ability to sledge or out-psych an opponent was considered a major virtue. This was probably best illustrated in the 1993 final played at Eastlakes when David Zubani was cleverly put off his game by his opponent who pointed out a few hazards David should try to avoid on the closing three holes. He didn’t and his opponent won that year, some would say by default.

Some Memorable Moments

There have been many moments that ANVO regulars enjoy with fondness. A couple of the best include Mitch Davis trying to retrieve a ball he had hit over a creek alongside the second at Bayview. Mitch thought he had the athletic ability of Carl Lewis as he tried to leap the creek to get his ball, but indecision at the crucial moment (take off) landed Mitch in thigh deep mud, much to the amusement of his friends. David Zubani also managed to please his playmates at Wakehurst one day on the 13th when he sliced a tee shot onto a huge mound of dirt. After three attempts to hit his ball off the mound, he sliced it into a dam. This appeared to annoy him a bit because his 9 Iron followed it a few seconds later along with a few expletives. The best part followed a few minutes later as David realized he may need the club again and unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it from the dam. (It belonged to his mother)

Anvo Today



ANVO continues as a vital part of our weekend social scene largely due to the efforts of Paul Anderton and Martin Murray who took over the running of the competition around 1995-1996. Paul not only books all the courses a year ahead, he makes the annual trophies. Martin runs the ANVO website which takes a considerable amount of work each week. The playing roster now goes all year round and includes fine courses like Long Reef, Mona Vale, Riverside Oaks, New Brighton, Shellharbour and Kangaroo Valley.

The Anvo Champions

1992 – Brad Schmitt
1993 – Charles Stewart
1994 – Pete Opie
1995 – Frank Teager
1996 – Richard Hollingdale
1997 – Martin Murray
1998 – Frank Teager
1999 – Matthew Brewer
2000 – Bob Brewer
2001 – Martin Murray
2002 – Rick Brewer
2003 – Rick Brewer
2004 – Charles Stewart
2005 – Rick Brewer
2006 – Ralph Delatt
2007 – Charles Stewart
2008 – Charles Stewart
2009 – Matthew Brewer
2010 – Charles Stewart